HHFC is committed to the pursuit of fairness, enjoyment and sportsmanship in soccer both on and off the playing field in order to provide an environment in which all participants can excel and realise their potential and all officials and administrators can discharge their responsibilities unfettered.


This code of Conduct is designed to ensure that the appropriate forms of behavior are adopted by all participants and is deemed to be the standard at which all participants should aspire and adhere to in our Club.


A. Laws of the Game
All participants registered or otherwise connected with the HHFC are bound by the written laws of the game which are internationally recognized and enforced by match officials on the playing fields and the unwritten standards of fair play which is governed by the spirit of sportsmanship.


B. General Behavior
All persons registered or otherwise connected with HHFC shall conduct themselves as outlined below:

  1. Show unconditional support for match officials in both managing the laws and spirit of the game on the field.
  2. Be subject to management and direction of the team/club official.
  3. Observe and comply with directions given by HHFC.
  4. Display a manner, which does not bring themselves, HHFC or the team into public disrespect or censure.
  5. Avoid making, issuing, authorizing or endorsing public criticism not in the best interests of HHFC.
  6. Treat all persons with respect, dignity and proper regard for their rights and obligations.
  7. Demonstrate and ensure a positive commitment to HHFC’s programs and policies and represent HHFC in a mature, fair and professional manner.
  8. Hold confidential or privileged information privately.
  9. Use funds or property of HHFC in an appropriate manner.
  10. Avoid the use of information obtained officially to gain a financial advantage.
  11. Refrain from passing on or publishing information of an offensive, unsubstantiated or derisive type.
  12. Avoid the use, possession or trafficking in a drug of dependence.
  13. Refrain from consuming alcohol and encouraging others to consume alcohol at any HHFC fixtures.
  14. Follow HHFC instructions regarding the wearing of appropriate attire whilst playing HHFC competitions.
  15. Ensure that all persons avoid unaccompanied and unobserved activities with under-age team members.
  16. Act in a sportsmanlike manner at all times by abiding by FIFA and HHFC. rules and regarding the principles of fairness and common courtesy.
  17. Refrain from ‘sledging’ in any form.


C. Discrimination and Harassment
All persons registered or otherwise with HHFC must be aware that:

  1. All individuals have the right to participate in an environment which promotes eqyealk opportunities and prohibitis discriminatory practices.
  2. Harassment is prohibited by certain Commonwealth and State legislation including the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Act and Sex Discrimination Act.
  3. Whether the offender is an official, player, coach, manager, volunteer, parent, or spectator, harassment is an attempt by one person or persons to assert abusive, unwarranted power over another.
  4. HHFC encourages the report in writing of all incidents of harassment to the executive committee.
  5. Any person who experiences harassment continues to have the right to seek further assistance under state or federal legislation even when local action is being taken under this policy.


D. This Code of Conduct applies to harassment which may occur:

  1. During the course of all HHFC activities and events.
  2. Between individuals associated with HHFC but outside HHFC activities or events when such harassment adversely affects relationships within HHFC’s sports environment.

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