2020 Registration Open

Hills Hawks Football Club advise that Registrations are now open for the 2020 season for all age groups.

(The only exception is our men’s and ladies social 6 a-side competition.  Unfortunately, the GHFA has not yet created our registration packages but we will email you when the social 6 a-side competition registrations are on-line.)
Don’t forget our $30 Early Bird Discounts are available for all January registrations and don’t forget your $100 Active Kids Rebate Voucher (if eligible).
Remember that My Football Club has been replaced with “Play Football”. If you go to our Hills Hawks FC website www.hillshawksfc.com you will be able to click on the link to register.  We have also attached a document showing how to register on-line for 2020 but the Play Football website has a lot of information to help you through the process.  
FFA numbers are no longer used.  They now prefer one account per family and have all family members linked to this account. After creating this account, all family members with the same email address will be automatically linked to it.  You will still have to register and pay registrations separately.

A few pointers for your registration:

1)  Get your Active Kids Rebate Voucher (if eligible) before you start via your Service NSW account;

2)  Have a recent passport style photo to upload.  This new system has not been able to bring across any previous photos so a new photo will be required.  It may take a few attempts to upload this photo (it took me 4 attempts using the same photo!).
3)  Go to Hills Hawks FC website www.hillshawksfc.com and click on registration link.
4)  Ignore the section that says “Contact Club”.  We don’t know why that’s there and is not necessary.
The main thing to remember is that Hills Hawks FC is Club Football played at a Community level.  Please ignore the age groups 5-18 that say male only.  We play in a mixed competition and this information will be updated shortly.

Welcome back everyone!  If you have any problems, please contact me via registrar@hillshawksfc.com or mobile:  0419-632-105.

Karen Robertson
Hills Hawks FC

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